Born in Toronto to parents of Italian descent Elena Pacienza has her mother’s elegance, and her father’s flair for life so it is only natural that she progressed into the fashion arena as a makeup artist. Even as a child she would take her mother’s eyeliner and lipstick and use it to color instead of crayons. With a top agency for 5 years she left in pursuit of more creative endeavors in such places as London, Milan, New York, and Mumbai.

“Using my sense of anything is possible, I feel free to create beauty as my imagination perceives it.”

She continues to pour her heart and passion in what she does everyday whether it be fashion, advertising, television or celebrity faces. Ads such as Nike, Aritzia, Nintendo, Holt Renfrew, and Adidas or the faces of Rachel McAdams , 50 Cent, Michael Caine, and Pussycat Dolls to name a few. Travel has enabled her to be published in Toronto and abroad. BMM and Elle in Italy, People in U.S.A., Elle in Toronto, and Cosmopolitan in India “I love what I do and I’m truly grateful.”

Elena Pacienza CV